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  • Tea Tree & Macadamia Deep Cleansing Shampoo 500ml - Baby Powder

    • 🌿 Elevate your haircare routine with our Deep Cleansing Shampoo, enriched with tea-tree extract and peat water for an invigorating cleanse!💧


      🌱 Infused with 43 different natural extracts to nurture and rejuvenate your hair.

      🌿 Gentle plant-derived surfactants effectively cleanse the scalp, leaving it soothed and revitalized.

      🌡️ Helps maintain the perfect pH balance for a healthier scalp and luscious locks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews

    The foam is rich and it cleanses better than what I used before. The one I used before got cakes in one day in the summer. But since I have bangs, I think this product lasts about a day and a half, but if you don't have bangs, I think it can last up to two days. The scent is good. Until I wash and dry my hair, the subtle scent continues and I love it! I really like the smell of baby powder. I will buy it again when I use up all of it.


    I think it is less oily than any other normal shampoos. The scent is subtle and it foams so well!


    My highschool kid are using it and says it is great! The scent is good and he no longer smells from his scalp!


    To be honest, when I used other brand's shampoo, I felt itchy all the time and I was struggling with it. Now I found the tea tree shampoo from Kundal, most of all, the baby powder scent is amazing! The scents last longer than any other brands'. Also, I found out it is way less itchier than any other brands' shampoos I've ever used. The foam was gentle enough, and my hair is no longer caked anymore!

    yoon Jeong

    I didn't know the importance of shampoo, so I bought products sold on the local market that were cheap and had good designs and used them all the time, but as time went by, I felt less and less refreshed even when I washed my hair. Even though I washed my hair and rinsed it well with water, it felt like it wasn't washed away cleanly and there was a lot of residue left. On hot days like these days, I feel that way even more, making it inconvenient in my daily life. Then I was recommended by my friend, so I purchased Kundal's shampoo and tried it. Kundal's shampoo was definitely different from the products sold on the local market. After washing my hair and rinsing my hair, It felt like it was being washed away cleanly, so I didn't feel like there was any residue on my hair and I didn't feel any stickiness. The scent was not irritating and the subtly refreshing scent lingered for a longer period of time so you could feel the freshness for a long time. And it had a sufficient effect on the hair and scalp without using additional treatment. My hair gradually became softer, dandruff disappeared, and the itchiness was reduced a lot. On days like these when the weather is so hot, it tends to get uncomfortable quickly, but Kundal's shampoo is not like others! It has a nice sweet scent and it leaves your hair so cool that you can feel refreshed for a long time. I love it so much, I highly recommend it!


    Kundal products are crafted with nature's finest ingredients, ensuring a unique and long-lasting aroma. Our team of expert perfumers ensures that each product delivers a sensory experience like no other.

    Absolutely! We deeply care about the environment. Our products are not only sourced from nature but are also created with eco-friendly practices to ensure minimal impact on our planet.

    Our products are known for their long-lasting aromas. Depending on the specific product and usage, the fragrance can last for several hours, keeping you refreshed throughout the day.

    No, Kundal products are formulated with the utmost care, prioritizing natural ingredients. We avoid harmful chemicals to ensure safety and quality in every drop.

    Yes, our products are designed to be gentle and are suitable for most skin types. However, if you have specific concerns, we recommend doing a patch test before full application.

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