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    Awesome protein treatment

    I’m obsessed over this treatment !!! Your hair will thank you!! I love it!

    KUNDAL Basic Kit
    Kristen M Cash
    The best smell good shampoo & conditioner

    Absolutely the best shampoo & conditioner ever! Not only do I get compliments that my hair smells so good but my mom & sister also use it too!😊

    Very soft hair

    I loved how the serum, it leaves my hair shiny and slick.

    High Quality

    I love all of the products I have purchased from Kundal. You cannot go wrong with any of them.

    Very soft hair

    I really loved the shampoo and treatment. Shampoo even left my hair very soft and tangle free before the treatment. Very impressed with product. Not a fan of the pink grapefruit, but will be trying another fragrance very soon.

    Nice Product - Worst Customer Service ever.

    Perfume diffuser tea

    Doesn't smell like chai isn't very strong smells like very inexpensive perfume but is packaged beautifully!!

    Protein Treatment 500ml - Baby Powder

    Nature Shampoo 500ml - Baby Powder

    Great shampoo!

    Diffuser. tra Chai

    Beautifully packaged efficient service but the product does not smell anything like chai is not very strong and smells like old cheap perfume ie evening in Paris!!!


    The scent is subtle and very pleasant. The lotion is thick and rich. It leaves the skin feeling pampered, not greasy and heavy. These are high end products at a fair price.

    Nature Shampoo 100ml - Cherry Blossom

    The best shampoo for my hair I want to get more it’s really good on my scalp 🙂

    It’s a really great treatment to smooth the hair and the smell is amazing tbh I love the smell and how it makes my hair feels

    It smells just like the shampoo and conditioner. It’s really nice on the skin and I can’t wait to try out other scents.!!!!!!!

    The best conditioner

    It smells really good and not harsh on the hair made my hair soft

    It’s soo good and good for the hair

    It’s soooo great and it smells so natural and good I will definitely buy again with the treatment

    Nice but way overpriced

    I like the shampoo and conditioner, I have always used salon products including shampoo and conditioner for my hair. This product is very overpriced for the size of the bottle.

    KUNDAL Starter Kit
    Vickie Peltz
    Still Frizz

    The shampoo and conditioner smells amazing but I still have a lot of frizz. My hair doesn’t even come close to the girls they show.

    Love this white musk smells so good

    Love this order

    Didn’t received my order

    I haven’t received my order and I have been waiting

    I am very disappointed in the product!
    Not sure if what I received is defective I CANNOT use the pump to pump out the product AT ALL!!! I even tried unscrewing the cap to just dump it out and that was IMPOSSIBLE no matter how hard I tried!! Very frustrating! So I am UNABLE to use it!!! I spent good money for your product and cannot use it!!!
    I'm therefore requesting another bottle or a refund. Please get back to me regarding this request if not I certainly will not be buying any KUNDAL products in the future .