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  • Nature Shampoo 500ml - Ylang Ylang

    • Indulge in the essence of Korean haircare with our signature shampoo, enriched with Honey & Macadamia to nourish your hair and cleanse your scalp, all while leaving you with a lasting, luxurious fragrance made by our in-house professional perfumers.


      Infused with 44 natural extracts for a revitalizing hair experience like no other.

      Maintains the ideal pH balance for a healthy scalp and vibrant hair.

      Rigorously tested to be free of 12 harmful ingredients, including parabens, phenoxyethanol, and mineral oil, ensuring a pure and safe cleansing ritual that lingers with a delightful, long-lasting scent

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Yong gim

    My scalp is usually really sensitive. Especially now. When the season changes, my scalp inevitably gets crazy. My scalp feels hot, sweaty and oily as soon as I washed my hair. Because of this, my scalp was not good and my hair became oily. I am so happy that I found a shampoo that not only blows away the disgusting oily hair and takes care of my scalp but also makes my hair feel refreshed. Let me tell you about the scent first. The scent is so good! It's very subtle and it lasts all day long in your hair. There are many people who want to change their shampoo due to concerns about the smell on the top of their head, if you are one of them, usse this product! The formulation is a thin liquidy type, it doesn't run out too much. It's a pumping type, so you can easily use it when you wash your hair. I like that even a small amount lathers up really well. I'll keep using it for a long time. I have failed in buying shampoos several times because of my sensitive scalp. But this shampoo is gentle enough to be considered the national shampoo! To use, I wet my hair and scalp with lukewarm water and pumped it twice. There was no irritation at all and I felt like I was being washed cleanly. I use it every day. I also want to try the other scents. I will buy it again.

    Jeong hyun

    One of my friend recommended me, so I've tried once using it. As soon as I use it, my hair texture becomes soft so I bought immediately! My hair and scalp was nice even if I didn't use treatment. I usually don't change the shampoo, but looks like I found the RIGHT ONE! Even scent, it is such a special scent that I couldn't find in daily life, so I give a huge compliment to Kundal! Checking the ingredients on the website, even the ingredients were mild, naturally drievened, and all ingredients are EWG green level! I will stick to this brand from now on!

    Lee choi

    Kundal shampoo with great scent. But what’s better than the scent is that there is no irritation! Before changing to Kundal, my scalp was sensitive, so it often felt itchy, dead skin cells formed, and things like inflammation appeared. When I went to the scalp care center, they told me to use natural shampoo made from natural ingredients. I used the one sold at the center, but it didn't produce enough foam and didn't cleanse my hair deeply enough, so my hair got sticky. After changing to kundal, my scalp became stable and there was no irritation. And I liked that it foamed well and didn't get sticky!

    La Kim

    I like the scent of Kundal products so I use Kundal a lot. Currently, I am using Kundal difuser in my living room, kitchen, bathroom, and even my car! I started using the shampoo and treatment because the baby powder scent suited my personal taste. This time, I was curious about a different scent, so I bought ylang ylang scented shampoo! It's full of flowery scent, but it's not irritating and it seems to last for a long time! Even my younger brother, who is sensitive to smells, said it smells good and gave me compliments for buying it! First of all, I have rich rich, thick, and long hair. And I was surprised that I was able to wash my hair around 2 pumps of shampoo!! And with only 2 pumps,. the foam is amazing as well! Those of you with thick hair will know this that we can't wash my hair with 2 pumps! It is cost-effective!! I think I can use it for a long time. The foam is not stiffm, but fluffy! Also It is not irritating and is rich. Both my hair and scalp are cleansed and refreshed!! I am also very satisfied how it cleans my hair well! Because the weather is hot these days, I felt like I was getting wet, but I feel really good because it cleans my hair very well. My father said that he kept getting dandruff, probably because the shampoo he was using wasn't working for him. After changing it to this, it disappeared!!S ometimes, in the case of shampoo or foam fusing, the foam comes out well, but it is stiff. There are some cases where it irritates sensitive skin and has poor cleaning power. This product relieves those worries! If you are sensitive, be sure to use it. Unless I had no irritation who has a sensitive scalp! Probably it's because the ingredients were all naturally extracted?! :) When I washed my hair, I was surprised at how easily my fingers could get in between the hairs! It’s as soft and non-irritating as if it was a treatment!! I also like that the shampoo bottle is translucent so I can see how much is left. It was a shame that I couldn't see the inside of other companies' products, so I didn't know when to stock up. As someone who likes to do things in advance, I also like that it’s translucent. :D Next time, I want to try other scents as well! This shampoo is satisfactory in terms of scent, holding power, cleaning power, and cost-effectiveness!
    I highly recommend this to anyone looking to purchase shampoo! I am very satisfied with the scent and products.

    cheese gig

    I bought it for my brother. He is suffering from atopic disease, so I was looking for a natural shampoo. Kundal was popular among natural shampoo that they have good ingredients and scents! The shampoo came in a variety of scents! Since my younger brother is a guy, I recommended the white musk, but he said he should definitely go with the ylang ylang and he is so into this scent until now! X) I checked this shampoo is mild while I was buying, but I wasn't sure so I asked my brother. Since he didn't get any troubles or itchiness until now, this shampoo is mild enough! Once, My younger brother used the wrong shampoo and the back of his neck got red and the whole family was upset, but Kundal seem to be okay! In my case, I've only used it once, but the shampoo lathers well for a natural shampoo. The natural shampoo I used before was not so foamy that I couldn't tell if I had washed my hair or not, but this was more than okay. Also, I have an oily scalp, but judging from the fact that it didn't get oily even in the evening and my hair was soft, it also deeply cleans my hair well! But personally, I don't prefer flowery scents, so I only used it once. But when my friend said that my hair smells good, it seems like everyone likes it without huge preference gap. Still, my younger brother is very satisfied and is using it well, so I will buy it again next time when I run out.


    Kundal products are crafted with nature's finest ingredients, ensuring a unique and long-lasting aroma. Our team of expert perfumers ensures that each product delivers a sensory experience like no other.

    Absolutely! We deeply care about the environment. Our products are not only sourced from nature but are also created with eco-friendly practices to ensure minimal impact on our planet.

    Our products are known for their long-lasting aromas. Depending on the specific product and usage, the fragrance can last for several hours, keeping you refreshed throughout the day.

    No, Kundal products are formulated with the utmost care, prioritizing natural ingredients. We avoid harmful chemicals to ensure safety and quality in every drop.

    Yes, our products are designed to be gentle and are suitable for most skin types. However, if you have specific concerns, we recommend doing a patch test before full application.

    Kundal products are available on our official website, Amazon, select retail stores, and authorized online retailers. Always ensure you're purchasing from a trusted source to get genuine Kundal products.

    To maintain the quality and fragrance of our products, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.