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  • KUNDAL's Global Triumph in the World of Personal Care

    February 05, 2024 4 min read

    KUNDAL's Global Triumph in the World of Personal Care

    In the bustling world of the beauty industry, one brand has emerged as a true global sensation, captivating hearts and hair alike. KUNDAL, the brainchild of THE SKIN FACTORY, has not only transformed the beauty routines of millions but has also orchestrated a dazzling success story in the realm of global markets.

    The Journey Begins

    Picture this: Seoul, 2016. KUNDAL makes its debut, not with grand marketing campaigns, but with an irresistible allure rooted in impeccable ingredient composition, a symphony of 25 fragrances, and a price tag that feels like a steal. Little did the world know that a beauty revolution was underway.

    The South Korean Sojourn

    As the sun rose over the Han River, KUNDAL's products found a home in the hearts of South Koreans. Within two years of its launch, it soared to the top, claiming the throne as the best-selling personal care brand on Coupang, Korea's e-commerce giant with an annual sales volume eclipsing $8 billion USD.

    Daily sales hit remarkable averages between 10,000 to 20,000 units, and monthly figures danced at a staggering 500,000 units. KUNDAL became synonymous with excellence, and its success rippled across all major e-commerce platforms and offline stores.

    The Global Prelude

    With a firm grip on the South Korean beauty landscape, KUNDAL set its sights on a global stage. In 2018, it marked a triumphant foray into Russia, adorning the shelves of 'Metro' and 'Globus' outlets. The success echoed in Poland, Spain, the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia as KUNDAL's aromatic prowess knew no bounds.

    The export journey reached new heights when KUNDAL unveiled its hair care products on Qoo10 Singapore in July 2019. The response? A resounding testament to the brand's global appeal—all 5000 products sold out within 10 days, leaving a fragrant trail of success.

    'C'company's Bestseller: A Crown Well-Worn

    In the bustling world of beauty sales on 'C'company, KUNDAL sits comfortably atop the throne. Among 2.7 million beauty products, its shampoo and other offerings reign supreme, a testimony to the brand's unwavering commitment to quality, nature-inspired beauty, and affordability.

    A Symphony of Scents: 25 Fragrances, 400 SKUs

    What sets KUNDAL apart is not just its success but the olfactory masterpiece it has crafted. Imagine a world where personal care is not just a routine but a sensory journey. With 25 different fragrances, each product becomes a symphony—a melody of natural ingredients, invigorating scents, and the promise of indulgence.

    Nature-Inspired Beauty: The Core Values

    “Nature Inspired Beauty” and “Affordable Luxury” aren't just catchphrases for KUNDAL; they are the essence of the brand. Every product reflects these core values, utilizing EWG Green Grade ingredients that ensure safety, quality, and an eco-friendly footprint.

    The Digital Beauty Empire

    In the era of e-commerce dominance, KUNDAL stands as a digital beauty empire. Its products, once confined to the shelves of South Korean stores, now grace screens and shopping carts worldwide. The brand's digital footprint is not just a testament to its global reach but a testament to the power of beauty in the digital age.

    Starting 2024 with KUNDAL: A Fresh Fragrance for a New Year

    As we stand on the cusp of a new year, there's no better time to embrace the essence of KUNDAL. Imagine starting each day with the invigorating scent of cherry blossoms or the refreshing aroma of herb mint. KUNDAL's fragrances are not just about personal care; they are a journey into a world of indulgence and self-love.

    The dawn of 2024 is an opportunity to redefine your beauty routine, to treat yourself to a symphony of scents that elevate your senses. Whether it's the vibrant cherry blossom shampoo or the revitalizing herb mint water treatment, KUNDAL invites you to step into the new year with a fresh fragrance for a fresh start.

    Beauty Beyond Borders

    As KUNDAL continues its global odyssey, it remains a beacon of beauty beyond borders. Its success is not just a triumph for the brand but a celebration of diversity in beauty. From the bustling streets of Seoul to the cosmopolitan avenues of Singapore, KUNDAL has become a universal language of self-care, transcending cultural nuances and resonating with the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

    The KUNDAL Essence Unveiled

    In the heart of this success story lies the essence of KUNDAL—an unwavering commitment to quality, a passion for nature-inspired beauty, and the belief that everyone deserves a taste of affordable luxury. As KUNDAL continues to export beauty to every corner of the globe, it invites you to join the journey, embrace the scents, and redefine your personal care experience.

    In the symphony of global beauty, KUNDAL's melody plays on, resonating with the world and leaving an indelible fragrance in its wake. After all, beauty knows no boundaries, and KUNDAL is here to prove it. Start 2024 with KUNDAL, and let the fragrance of a new beginning linger in every hair flip and every self-care moment.