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  • Tea Tree & Macadamia Deep Cleansing Shampoo 500ml - Cherry Blossom

    • 🌿 Elevate your haircare routine with our Deep Cleansing Shampoo, enriched with tea-tree extract and peat water for an invigorating cleanse! 💧


      🌱 Infused with 43 different natural extracts to nurture and rejuvenate your hair.

      🌿 Gentle plant-derived surfactants effectively cleanse the scalp, leaving it soothed and revitalized.

      🌡️ Helps maintain the perfect pH balance for a healthier scalp and luscious locks.

    Customer Reviews

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    My cursed scalp.. :( To be honest, I had an experience Kundal nature shampoo was not suitable for me (since it is personal taste!) as I have an oily scalp. Even if I use the shampoo just a little bit incorrectly, red pimples appear on my scalp. What can I do was just using mildly acidic shampoo from some random brands. During my struggles, I found out that Kundal released a new product for oily skin was released in Kundal, I trusted it and bought it, and I've been settling in ever since!! My scalp doesn't itch at all, and my hair doesn't get greasy in the afternoon, which is really nice. It even adds scent, so I used one bottle and ordered another one this time! If you have super sensitive scalp like me, don’t hesitate and give it a try!! Personally, I am very satisfied with it, and from now on, I will settle down with Kundal shampoo for oily scalp!


    My son who is in his puberty, he is worried about the smell from his scalp. But after using it, he is not worried about it anymore! My son also commented it is refreshing and he really like this products a lot. Thanks, Kundal!


    I don't know how many bottles I've used this product! In the past, even if I washed my hair once every two days, it didn't get greasy, but suddenly my hair just turned oily, but after a few hours, my hair gets greasy. But after using this, the scent lasts a long time in my hair, and my cousin even asked me what this shampoo was. For your information, my cousin's hair gets sticky after just 2 hours! After washing my hair, my hair feels a little bit stiff, but later becomes soft and healthy, and my hair get permed well. I get a perm once a year, and the hair designer is surprised and asking me why do I still have a perm! :) If your hair is healthy, the perm will last well. The scent can be used all year round, and it has a scent that you can't like or dislike, so I like it because it's neither heavy nor light.
    Really! Try it.


    My hair became oily in the evening when I was my hair in the morning. It surely makes my hair less oily and I love it! And the scent itself is very subtle, so I don't need to worry about my scalp scent. It's so good!


    I was so stressed because my scalp become oily so easily, and I found out this shampoo. And it definitely works! I have been using it so well and I decide to buy some more bottles after using it. And of course, the scent is amazing!


    Kundal products are crafted with nature's finest ingredients, ensuring a unique and long-lasting aroma. Our team of expert perfumers ensures that each product delivers a sensory experience like no other.

    Absolutely! We deeply care about the environment. Our products are not only sourced from nature but are also created with eco-friendly practices to ensure minimal impact on our planet.

    Our products are known for their long-lasting aromas. Depending on the specific product and usage, the fragrance can last for several hours, keeping you refreshed throughout the day.

    No, Kundal products are formulated with the utmost care, prioritizing natural ingredients. We avoid harmful chemicals to ensure safety and quality in every drop.

    Yes, our products are designed to be gentle and are suitable for most skin types. However, if you have specific concerns, we recommend doing a patch test before full application.

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