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  • Hair Serum 100ml - Pink Grapefruit

    • ✨ Elevate your hair game with our Premium Hair Essential Oil Hair Serum, free from water and alcohol, for a nourishing and glossy transformation! 🌿

      ✨ Features:

      🌱 Infused with 16 different natural extracts and macadamia seed oil, it deeply nourishes your hair, providing protection, elasticity, and a beautiful gloss.

      💆‍♀️ Experience non-stickiness and enhanced nutrient absorption thanks to our fantastic oil blending technology, ensuring a lightweight and effective application.

      🚫 Free from water and alcohol, offering pure, concentrated care for your locks.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Terry Landry
    Very soft hair

    I loved how the serum, it leaves my hair shiny and slick.

    Patricia Stokesberry
    Pink grapefruit serum review

    I’ve been really disappointed with the smells of your hair serum doesn’t smell anything like pink grapefruit and I’ve tried to couple other ones and they don’t smell good at all. They smell almost poisonous the pink grapefruit one doesn’t smell poisonous but it doesn’t smell like pink grapefruit, I’ve bought fuzzy navel from you guys, well you didn’t have stock Amazon did for a while and that is a wonderful wonderful smell. It smells very good you should get back fuzzy navel hair serum no wonder it’s sold out but the other ones that I’ve smelled and I returned back to you just were terrible these they smelled like poison , they didn’t smell like they should. I don’t think hopefully you can improve the pink grapefruit one and get back the fuzzy navel hair serum.

    Chae bin

    It applied well to my hair without being sticky and the scent was really subtle and clean, so I loved it!! It was a scent I loved so much that I was happy while drying my hair.

    Park hyun

    I like both the quality and scent of the product! The scent is good, it lasts well, and the formula is not too thin, so I think I can use it with just one or two pumps. I'm using Kundal for shampoo, treatment, and even serum. It smells like I'm spraying perfume, and my hair is soft!

    Hee Park

    This is my re-purchase item that has already emptied three containers. I like to use it because when I pump and apply it to wet hair, it is subtly coated with nutrients and scent.


    Kundal products are crafted with nature's finest ingredients, ensuring a unique and long-lasting aroma. Our team of expert perfumers ensures that each product delivers a sensory experience like no other.

    Absolutely! We deeply care about the environment. Our products are not only sourced from nature but are also created with eco-friendly practices to ensure minimal impact on our planet.

    Our products are known for their long-lasting aromas. Depending on the specific product and usage, the fragrance can last for several hours, keeping you refreshed throughout the day.

    No, Kundal products are formulated with the utmost care, prioritizing natural ingredients. We avoid harmful chemicals to ensure safety and quality in every drop.

    Yes, our products are designed to be gentle and are suitable for most skin types. However, if you have specific concerns, we recommend doing a patch test before full application.

    Kundal products are available on our official website, Amazon, select retail stores, and authorized online retailers. Always ensure you're purchasing from a trusted source to get genuine Kundal products.

    To maintain the quality and fragrance of our products, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.